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Japanese people are very much in harmony with nature. This fact can be seen in any of our traditional culture, such as houses, foods, tableware, furniture, Kimono fabrics and patterns, Tsumami Kanzashi, Noh theater, Classical Japanese dance, instruments, Waka songs, Haiku poems, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and even martial arts.    
The core of Japanese culture and national identity is Shinto. Shinto (the way of Deities) is a prehistoric religious tradition indigenous to Japan, which primarily reveres the spirit in nature such as mountains, trees, valleys, rocks, oceans, the sun, and so forth. Shinto also reveres the ancestors who enormously contributed to the goodness of a society by enthronement of their spirits.
Japan has been blessed with a rich natural climate and clearly demarcated seasons of spring, monsoon, summer, fall, and winter. This continuous cycle of these seasons has provided a richness and bounty to the lives of the Japanese people. Traditional Japanese culture derived from being in harmony with and united with nature.Therefore Atelier Kanawa proudly presents the following eco-Earth friendly philosophy.

1. Recycle Vintage Kimono
Not only the vintage Kimono is a piece of art, but recycling old materials is part of our culture.
Our ancestors never wasted precious resources. Kimono is cut and sawn straight to not to waste any pieces of the roll of fabric. It can be passed on from Grand mother to grand daughter. The old Kimonos were unstitched to make something else such as hair accessories, dolls, bags, eventually a cleaning cloth.

2. Use natural dye only
When using new fabric, only natural dye from plants and minerals is used, as Bingata Katazome. Any chemical pollution will be avoided.

3. Seasonal items
Primarily, newly created items will reflect the current season in Japan, to be in harmony with and united with nature.

4. Use Eco-Earth friendly supplies
The supplies used by Atelier Kanawa are natural or non toxic.
Coffee tumbler is stainless steel. For those who are health conscious and aware of the chemical release of Bisphenol A by pouring the hot liquid into plastic cups, Atelier Kanawa's stainless steel is for you. Avoid disposable cups.

5. Reduce the waste of fancy packages
Fancy gift packages are nice. Atelier Kanawa provide some of them. However, they end up going to a trashcan for most of the cases. Atelier Kanawa packs your order with the least necessary materials, to avoid producing the waste on the Earth.

Thank you very much for going Green!

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