授与品 Amulets

御神札 Ofuda
破魔矢  Hamaya Protective Charm/Amulet
​​木札お守り Ki-fuda Wooden Plate Amulet
茅の輪お守り Chinowa amulet
​ミニ絵馬 Ema wooden wishing plaque
御朱印 七五三 753 Go-Shuin
Sakura Omamori Amulet
 ​​​​ミニ門松 Small indoor Kadomatsu
注連飾り Shime-kazari

​​御神札$25 神使の墨絵追加 +$15


Ofuda $25   Adding divine messenger hand drawing calligraphy $15

Currently offered for those who are Shinto students and private blessing visitors.




破魔矢(はまや) $25

厄除け・魔除けの神具で、その年の幸運を射止める縁起物でもあります。神棚や目線よりも高い明るく清らかな所にお祀りし、矢の先は鬼門・裏鬼門、または丑年(2021年)は未の方角=南南西微西 (210度)に向けて下さい。

Hamaya Protective Charm/Amulet $25

A decorative "demon-breaking arrow" to ward off misfortune and to capture good lucks. Display at Kamidana or where it is clean and higher than your eye level at the corner of Kimon (Northeast) or Ura-Kimon (Southwest), which are particularly susceptible to evil influences. Opposite from 2021’s Ox year’s direction which is the direction of Goat (South-southwest by west) is also good to display Hamaya's tip.



Ki-fuda Wooden Plate Amulet $20

Hand calligraphy of divine messengers in Kamunabi Banyu Ko-Shinto shrine drawn by Rev. Kanawa


茅の輪(ちのわ)お守り $20



Chino-wa Omamori Amulet   $20

This amulet originated from Japanese folk tale mythology. Mutou-no-kami who later addressed himself as Susanoo-no-mikoto offered this amulet as an appreciation to Somin-shourai who was poor but greeted him with his sincere hospitality for offering chestnut rice dinner and a place to stay for a night, while his brother Kotan-shourai who was rich but rejected him out of his stinginess. Hanging this amulet at the pelvis, Somin-shourai and his family members were able to avoid plagues for generations and were protected from misfortunes by its spiritual power, while others in the community all died. 

A large version of this amulet ring made of cogon grass (Chigaya) is erected on the pathway leading to a shrine on the days of great purification (Oo-harae). Worshipers at the shrine pass through the ring as an act of purification from misfortune/distortion (magagoto), misdeeds/sins (tsumi), impurities/withered energy (kegare) , to invoke long healthy life without sickness and misfortune.


​ミニ絵馬 $15



Ema (絵馬 "picture-horse") are small wooden plaques with image of horse, zodiac animals or divine messengers for worshipers to write prayer or wish. Its history originated from offering the horse to Shinto shrines as the vehicle of Kami when conducting ceremonies since the 3rd century. As the horse was extremely expensive, people who could not afford the horse substituted with wood, paper or clay to form horses and later they were transferred to a wooden plaque with a picture of a horse since the Nara period (7th century).

The ema are to be left hanging up at the Shinto shrine, where the kami (deities) receive the prayers and wishes by the writers.

御朱印 $10

Go-Shuin $10

For private blessing visitors, Shinto students, and visitors at the large public ceremonies.
Go-Shuin can be purchased as a tribute of visiting Shinto shrines which has the shrine seal stamp, shrine name and visited date by calligraphy.
There are variety of designs from simple to elaborate powerful today, after collecting Go-Shuin became popular among Japanese people these days.



Cherry Blossom Amulet Keychain $25

The dangling petals and the pretty bell sound invite the fortunes and happiness.




Small indoor Kadomatsu $35~

A sign for Toshigami-sama (the deity of the New Year) to find your house, and to be temporarily enshrined.


注連飾り(しめかざり) $44~


Shime-kazari $44~

A sacred race straw rope for Toshigami-sama (the deity of the New Year) to be enshrined when visiting each household to bring you all the happiness, protections, and prosperity of the year.


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