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As a Certified Kimono Consultant and the Authentic Tsumami Kanzashi artisan, Kuniko carries many kinds of Kimono fabrics for you to choose from, as well as Chiyogami papers and dichroic glass. Color, design, material variations are available for most of my items. She creates Traditional Tsumami Kanzashi to wedding Kanzashi, as well as modern, high fashion, and Kawaii Kanzashi. Please refer my sold item on my Etsy shop to place custom orders. 
If you have any questions about your request, please feel free to send a message from contact form.
If you order a matching piece for your Kimono, please send the photo of your Kimono.
If you would like to order SEVERAL ITEMS, please ORDER THEM SEPARATELY.


In order for me to start making your order, I need to receive your full payment in advance by PayPal or check, including the shipping fee, unless you are a retailer.
Retailers, I accept either full up front payment including shipping fee, or 50% deposit without the shipping fee. If you are paying 50% deposit, you can complete your payment including shipping fee when all the items are completed.
Please note that custom made order is not refundable.

Ordinary order:
I prefer to have at least 2 weeks to complete your order, excluding the shipping days. However, it all depends on my current schedule and the items you order. It may take a month, or couples of month to complete your order, so please feel free to send me conversations for more information!
Rush order:
Depending on the kind of the item, I can complete your order and ship it within a week. This service is ONLY for those who are REALLY in rush.

When you place your custom order, please inform :
1. TITLE OF THE ITEM (if referring from my past sold item)
4. DEADLINE  -  Please specify the date you would like your custom order to be shipped.

5. SHIPPING ADDRESS   -  Please let me know if you are in the United States or abroad  for the purpose of knowing the shipping fee for your invoice.

Please be specific about your ideal colors.
Send URL of my sold item which has the color that you like
Send a photo of the color if you have any.

Please inform me the approximate size of your order.
Send a URL if you are referring to my sold items.

ex; comb, hairpin, snap clip, gemstone, pearls etc.

For example:numbers of the flowers, single / double layer, leaves, center bead, pep, flower shaped cap, hanging petal strings, hanging beads, bells, Ginbira dangling etc.
Send a URL if you are referring to my sold items.