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Ko-shintō/Shintō is for those who can humbly reflect oneself and take modest actions to respect others and own spirit.

The one must leave today's individualistic mindset behind:

"All about Self-fulfillment, Self-assertiveness, Self-esteem, Self-realization, my business / my timing / my convenience always first, me me me whatsoever"

Ko-shintō/Shintō is not for them to consume / cling onto. ​

We all are existing by being connected to one another. ​ ​

Ko-shintō/Shintō is the type of belief / spirituality to guide the one to beautifully flourish as a person, being a part of family, friends, workplace, community, society, country, world, Earth, under the sacred cycle of the universe.

The expressions of contributing others in harmony are almost always written in Norito liturgy.

Your appearance / attitude reflects the quality of your spirit.

If you are self-centered, sloppy, arrogant, rude, liar, never apologizing or appreciating, that is your current quality. You shall polish yourself to improve as a person.

If you are thoughtful, well organized with good timely manner, modest, respectful, honest, knowing when to humbly apologize or appreciate, you already departed from the start line and walking well in this sacred path.

Your ethnic, age, sex, gender, religious background does not matter, in order to worship Ko-Shintō/Shintō.

What it matters is whether you are sincerely respecting and conforming to the Shintō's noble traditional way of living or not, to polish your spirit day by day as a 神道の崇敬者 (Shintō no Sūkei-sha / Mame-bito), "a person of integrity", as you see yourself in a mirror in front of your Kamidana every day.

[ What it truly means to become a Ko-Shintō/Shintō worshiper ] ​

Becoming a 神道の崇敬者 (Shintō no Sūkei-sha: worshipper of Shintō) means that you will always live in making humble actions to present yourself as "A Person Of Integrity", under the precept of "Otentō-sama ga miteiru", meaning "the Sun is always watching you", "the supernatural being presiding the heaven and the earth is seeing through everything". ​

This noble attitude played a significant foundation role in how the Japanese passport has been the most powerful of the entire world. Everything starts from our spirit. Simple but the deepest principle to elevate our spirituality, as Kami leaves it up to us to do our own modest effort in aligning and polishing ourselves without relying on the absolute God or written doctrines, to be reflected in our attitude, in our way of living. ​

Without above, but just wanting to casually experience Shintō to check out, using it conveniently for self satisfaction/fame, or expecting Kami to function the way you conveniently want, is simply a Shintō consumer, not a worshipper. ​ ​

Rev. Kanawa most sincerely encourages those of you who humbly merge into the Way of Kami, and continue the modest effort to become a person of integrity. ​

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