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​Atelier Kanawa's wholesale price is 60% of retail price.

Ex: $10 retail item can be $6 for wholesale by this formula
$10 x 0.60 = $6

This offer is strictly for store buyer / retailer only.
Initial minimum order:$100
From the second order:$100 and up

Please send me your store information along with your request:
1. Store name
2. Store address
3. Store phone number
4. Your website URL if there is any

If you are purchasing from my existing items, please send me URLs so that I can reserve them for you with altered price.
If you would like to place custom orders from my sold items, please do the same.
If you would like to request completely new design, please inform me your ideal design and color.

I accept either up front full payment by company check or PayPal including shipping fee, or 50% deposit without the shipping fee. If you are paying 50% deposit, you can complete your payment including shipping fee when the items are all completed.

Thank you very much for your business!

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