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 Hatsu-moude First shrine visit of the New Year

神奈備万有乃杜 初詣
神奈備万有乃杜 鳥居の松飾り
神奈備万有乃杜 鎮守の森と磐座
神奈備万有乃杜 頂上の御神木
神奈備万有乃杜 夕日遥拝所

【御予約制 初詣:正式参拝と神奈備巡り】  


- 初詣の正式参拝(お祓いを受け、玉串奉奠頂きます)
- 事前申し込みで、神奈備巡り(鎮守の森、磐座、御神木、御来光・夕日・月の遥拝所)



















【FORMAL HATSU-MŌDE w/ Optional Kamunabi Pilgrimage】 ​

- Formal First shrine visit of the New Year (You will receive Shintō purifications and offer a Tamagushi evergreen prayer branch to Kami)
- Optional pilgrimage hike to Kamunabi sacred sites (Sacred forest, rocks, trees, viewing sites for Sunrise/Moonrise/Sunset), guided by Rev. Kanawa
*Sunset time is especially remarkable, followed by the humble illumination of the pilgrimage trail.
*Clear Sunset depends on the weather condition.
*Pilgrimage sites may be limited depending on the weather condition. (snow, ice, heavy rain)

DATE & TIME: Please consult and reserve your slot within January 5th ~ end of the month
*Formal shrine visit takes approximately 20 minutes
*Kamunabi pilgrimage takes up to approximately 40 minutes. Please bring a pair of hiking shoes.
*Please be punctual of your reservation time.

DEADLINE TO RESERVE: 7 days before your preferable date 
*Reservations are made on a first-reserve first-served basis by the order of an upfront Hatsuho-ryō is received.
*$5 late fee after the deadline
*No refund will be made after the deadline or no show.
*Rescheduling can be made for the case of emergency with appropriate proof in timely manner, or an inclement weather.

HATSUHO-RYŌ: Your visit include to receive an Organically Grown Rice Straw Shimenawa Amulet hand crafted by Rev. Kanawa
$85 - Formal shrine visit only, members up to nuclear family
$100 - Formal shrine visit with Kamunabi sacred sites pilgrimage, members up to nuclear family
$10 - Optional Go-Shuin: a tribute of your shrine visit with a shrine seal stamp, the visited date and your name by calligraphy
$20 - Additional visitors per person
* Please turn off your mobile phone.
* No photography/videography
* Please maintain your reverence during your visit
* Everything takes place outdoors.
* Ceremony begins after all visitors sanitize their hands with alcohol.
* Proper social distance shall be managed.
* All visitors are required to wear a mask when unable to maintain social distance.
* No toilet usage is available during Covid-19
* Your slot will be automatically cancelled with no refund if you bring spectators who are no on the visitor's list.
* Attendees with any of the symptoms listed by CDC or had contact with someone with these symptoms within the last 7 days are not allowed to attend unfortunately.

神奈備万有乃杜 黄昏時のライトアップ
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