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和装立ち居振る舞い教室 Kimono in Motion Decorum Class

当アトリエ:個人稽古(季節毎に一講座 1回1.5時間より)

ワシントンDC団体稽古(季節毎に1講座 3時間) 




活コン、オタコン、アニメUSA、T-Modde、Zenkaikon など


【近代日本の礼儀作法の起源1.】 ~ 礼節を伴ずして日本文化は無し~

*【報連相確改 ほうれん草描くかい


日時:御都合の開いている日時枠を早めに御相談下さい。 *稽古開始時刻は時間厳守。遅れる場合は必ず事前に御連絡下さい。

申し込み期日:予約稽古日の10日前 *期日を過ぎてからの申し込みは$5加算となります。


$60  WDC和装道きものクラブ会員の月一生徒

$70  非会員の月一生徒・ 先月欠席の会員生徒

$80 先月欠席の非会員生徒、及び不定期非会員生徒

$75(1.5h)〜 アトリエ振替稽古(予約制)

$95(1.5h)〜 ​ ​ 全ての初回生徒・不定期の個人稽古・単発の個人稽古


稽古場: 青空教室、またはSkypeビデオ










* Origins of Modern Japanese Manners and Decorum 1. ~ No Manners, No Japanese Culture

* HŌ REN SŌ KAKU KAI / Drawing Spinach?: RNCCI - Five major Fundamentals on Proper Communication Manner 

  ~ Learn and manage the proper attitude as a responsible member of the society ~

  ~ Think thoughtfully, Act productively ~

* Basic tips on standard Greeting/Salutation

Atelier Kanawa's studio : Private Lesson (1.5 hours per lesson)  

Washington D.C. : Quarterly Group Lesson (3 hours per lesson)  

Japan America Society of Washington D.C. : 2012 ~ 2018

National Go Center: 2019~

Anime & Japanese theme Conventions : Basics upon clients' request

DATE & TIME: Discuss your availability with sensei in a timely manner, as early as one month before your preferable date.
* Please show up on time for a class. Please inform sensei in advance if you plan to arrive late.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: 10 days before your preferable date
To reserve your slot, please send your class fee through PayPal
$5 late fee applies when you pass the deadline.


CLASS FEE: Private Students
$75 (1.5hours) - Monthly student
$95 (1.5hours) - First class / Irregular student

$5 additional for online student


CLASS FEE: Group students

$60 Washington D.C. Waso-do Kimono Club Member Monthly students

$70 Club Member who was absent the previous month・Non-Member Monthly students

$80 Non-Member who was absent the previous month, any other Non-Member irregular students

$75(1.5h)〜 Makeup private class to your absent at sensei's studio


PLACE: Atelier Kanawa or Online

In this class, you learn the fundamental to refined manner / decorum to gracefully and properly present yourself in a kimono so that you do not appear that you are worn by Kimono. Starting with the lecture of “Waso-do” (Kimono way of life) and the origin of Japanese decorum, you learn the concept of “Seichu/Kamiza/Shimoza” (seat of honor/lower seat, based on sacred midline), practice standing, seiza, walking, turning, and the four levels of bow. Students also learn graceful communication decorum such as conveying your speech and writing.

Students also lean Kimono hair styling and Kimono related accessories making.

For Kimono fashion show model segment, students learn the concept of “Kamite/Shimote” (stage left/right), practice as much as possible from walking on stage, speed, pose, posing positions, angles, attractive movements, and handling the sleeves and props.

Taking this class is required for all the Washington D.C. Kimono Club members to preserve their membership, as well as students who are close to completing yukata course and plan to apply for membership. Please take full advantage from this remarkable opportunity to learn how to present you in a graceful manner when wearing a kimono like a Yamato Nadeshiko.

This quality class offers beyond Kitsuke (putting on Kimono) enriches your Waso-do (Kimono way of life) in harmony, with elegant decorum based on genuine Japanese spirituality. Furthermore, it teaches you lessons for success in life. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to attend and study Waso-do (Kimono way of life).

**Cancellation/rescheduling can be made by the class reservation deadline. Refunds will not be given to cancellations or no shows after this date. Your credit can be used up to one month from the day for the class, only if the reason of the absence is an emergency.

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