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- This offer is specially made for those who cannot make it in-person/on-site, like people outside of the area and foreign countries

- In addition to being able to be a part of this ceremony from afar, you will also receive a Katashiro paper doll representation Gofu digital amulet with your name on it hand-drawn by Japanese calligraphy by Rev. Kanawa, with Kamunabi Ban'yū Ko-Shintō Shrine's vermilion seal, prior to the ceremony. This Gofu amulet is good for the next half a year till Nagoshi-no-Ooharae Summer Great Purification Ceremony in late June.

- Your Katashiro paper doll representation will be released into a pure clean sacred water flow at the sacred Misogi site, as Rev. Kanawa chants Ooharae-no-kotoba great purification liturgy. 

- Your various Magagoto(distortion/evil), Tsumi(sin), Kegare(impurity/withered energy) will be purified and cleansed by this powerful unique ritual, and you will be able to invite The brand New Year! 

- You will also get to watch the video of "Misogi-Harae" Kagura Shinto sacred dance offered by Rev. Kanawa remarkably at the actual sacred Misogi river, by online-on-demand method after the ceremony date.



- Ceremony atmosphere pictures will be posted publicly (Your name on Katashiro will be invisible)

- Short video of the Katashiro floating ritual URL will be exclusively sent to you after the ceremony. (After two weeks, URL will be released to the public)

- Kagura video URL will be exclusively sent to you after the ceremony. (After two weeks, URL will be released to the public)

- No live stream, as there is no Wi-Fi connection at the Misogi site. 


DEADLINE TO APPLY: December 26 at 17:00 EST

* Please apply through website's contact form

* Please present yourself most politely and formally when approaching Shintō clergy, as a fundamental manner/custom.

Shintō clergies are on sacred duties in between the physical world and spiritual/Kami's world as Naka-torimochi medium. Imagine us standing underneath the Torii gate, and what is the appropriate manner for visitors when approaching to enter the sacred boundary.


CEREMONY DATE: December 29th (may be pushed to 30th in case of inclement weather) 


ONLINE ON-DEMAND RELEASE DATE: By December 31, 2022 at 22:00 EST


CEREMONY SITE: Sacred Misogi site


HATSUHO-RYŌ: $29 per participant by PayPal

* In the PayPal note, please write your "full legal name" to be reverently reported to Kami-sama. No initials, nicknames, unreal names.



Shiwasu-no-Ooharae is a Great Purification ceremony in December, the very last month of the year.

Ooharae is a Shinō great purification ceremony which is conducted fundamentally twice yearly (on the last day of June/December) to ward off all distortions, sins, impurity, or spiritual exhaustion which has piled up on you from the last six months, to start the brand new refreshed life.

Ooharae is also irregularly conducted for urgent occasions such as pandemic which is what this world is currently experiencing. Attending Ooharae leads you to start the next six months with a clean and refreshed spirit, free of illness, misfortune, and spiritual exhaustion.


OPTIONAL CHINOWA OMAMORI:$20 + Shipping fee (ships to countries only that are currently accepting USPS)

This amulet originated from Japanese folklore mythology. Mutou-no-kami who later addressed himself as Susanoo-no-mikoto offered this amulet as an appreciation to Somin-shourai who was poor but greeted him with his sincere hospitality for offering chestnut rice dinner and a place to stay for a night, while his brother Kotan-shourai who was rich but rejected him out of his stinginess. Hanging this amulet at the pelvis, Somin-shourai and his family members were able to avoid plagues for generations and were protected from misfortunes by its spiritual power, while others in the community all died.

A large version of this amulet ring made of cogon grass (Chigaya) is erected on the pathway leading to a shrine on the days of great purification (Oo-harae). Worshipers at the shrine pass through the ring as an act of purification from misfortune/distortion (magagoto), misdeeds/sins (tsumi), impurities/withered energy (kegare) , to invoke long healthy life without sickness and misfortune.


OPTIONAL KIRI-NUSA: $8 + Shipping fee (ships to countries only that are currently accepting USPS)

Kiri-nusa is a type of Shinto purification item consisting of either pieces of ramie or washi paper or both.

You sprinkle them on your body from Left, Right, Left order on your shoulder to purify yourself.   



Ooharae-no-kotoba PDF can be emailed to you. You may chant to your Katashiro Gofu amulet.

This PDF includes the original liturgy in Japanese, with both Hira-gana and Roman characters by Rev. Kanawa.



形代 人形 ひとがた 護符
形代流し神事 人形 ひとがた Katashiro Hitogata Shinto ritual
神楽 禊祓 Kagura Misogi-harae
大祓詞奏上 Ooharae-no-kotoba
茅の輪守り Chinowa amulet
切麻 Kirinusa


* These ceremony videos are publicly shared after being exclusively released to official attendees for set time frame. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, or in any way exploit any such content, nor share the URL over media network without prior written permission of the Kamunabi Ban'yū Ko-Shintō Shrine. Thank you.

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